Combat rules (Etiquette/HP)

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Combat rules (Etiquette/HP)

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:43 pm

Combat Rules:

1)No God modding. Don't do anything impossible for your character to do, godly acts or acts beyond your power set. Don't make up abilities or the like. Don't dodge every attack, it's impossible unless your ability is speed, or you're heavily outranking an opponent.

2)No meta gaming. Don't use out of character information to help you in battle.

3)Be friendly. Out of character don't trash talk your opponents unless it's friendly. And don't put mean OOC notes.

4)Little to no vague or timeline manip'ing. You can use your opponent's posts against them to an extent, but I don't want to see a battle full of quotes of you using their post against them. Try to have fun in fights.

5)Put the abilities you use in each post in a spoiler below your post.

6)Be realistic somewhat. You know what kinds of hits would take you out. We realize you're superhuman, but there is a certain level of damage that will fell you if hit directly in the head or a weak point.


WIP (For now just be realistic)

Base Stats:

Gonna be based on exp, so WIP

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