Arena rules, regulations and help

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Arena rules, regulations and help

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:48 pm

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Welcome to the arena!
The arena can be anything you want it to be, but normally it's a desolate rocky wasteland with no signs of life. This is where you come to challenge your opponents for their Position, Money or simply bragging rights. Please post your arena link here if you want to have any sort of money, experience, ranks or any other items added to your account. If you have any problems or need help then please post a message in this topic or message a member of staff.

Rules outside of combat rules:
1- Please have your character and your power(s) approved before doing any official fighting with other players or Monsters.

2- No god modding, meta gaming or similar. This goes without saying and is one of the general rules, but just to be safe we're putting it here as well. Cheating is not tolerated on this forum and if you find any bugs please report them to an admin immediately.

3- You can't "farm" experience off of weaker players. If you're a high rank and you want to be higher, then please don't do it this way. We will look at "farming" weaker characters as cheating and the minimum punishment will be to have a fine of experience or money deducted from your account. This does not mean that you cannot spar with higher level characters, it just means that players who are more than two ranks above you will not gain any exp from defeating you. '

4- -Experience gained-
If you defeat a person who is the same rank as you, then you get the equivalent of a single standard task of your rank.
If you defeat a person or monster who is lower than you in rank then you will gain less experience, and a character who is higher ranked than you will be more rewarding. Exact amounts are not yet set in stone.

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