Aedan Kasai - The Fire King

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Aedan Kasai - The Fire King

Post by The Fire King on Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:30 pm

Name: Aedan Kasai

Title or Nickname: The Fire King

Race or Species: Human

Position: Hero

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Birthday: 11/25

Sexuality: Straight


Not Powered: Normally, Aeden appears very emotionless. He is the epitome of calm and reserved. Quite the silent type, rather just sitting back and smoking his cigarette. Even so, this does not mean he is unemotional. He is actually a rather compassionate and caring person, he just appears extremely unemotional. He had developed the skill of hiding his emotions to prevent people from being drawn to him. Due to the volatility of his powers, he prefers to not make friends. He is a loner in the sense that he has almost no friends, but he does enjoy being around people. Sitting back in a bar and enjoying his drink while watching a game, he tends to stay alone but that does not mean he will reject a conversation. He does wish to have friends, but he must control his powers first. So for now, he will be very stoic and serious.

Powered Up: Due to the adverse effects Aedan's powers have on his mental state, he is not the most stable when his powers are active. The less control he has over them, the more wild he becomes. This makes him a very intense person when he is powered up, almost like a killer. He is not evil, but his powers do make him a bit more keen to violence than usual. He retains his humanity for the most part, but he adapts some almost animistic characteristics in his personality.


  • Smoking: A habit he took up after the experiments, it helps calm his nerves after he uses his powers.
  • Reading: Considering he is a loner, he has a lot of time on his hands. He does not like anything in particular, but he does enjoy a good read.
  • Fire: Even though his powers are volatile and dangerous, he is fascinated with the element they use.
  • Thrill: Aedan is a thrill seeker. Sky-Diving, roller coasters, fighting giant monsters. Doing these things are few activities that he will actually smile during.


  • His Powers: While he is fascinated by the flames, he does not like the volatility of his powers. He hates being a threat.
  • Winter: Being a Pyrokinetic and more keen to heat, he is not very fond of the cold season.
  • Mad Scientists: While normal career scientists are fine, anyone who dares to reach beyond the normal limitations humans have, he does not care for. Playing God and performing immoral experiments is something he truly detests.
  • Monsters: After the things he saw in the House of Evolution during his experiments, he has learned what monsters and beasts are being created in the world. Taking them out is not necessarily a goal, but he certainly does not like their appearance for many reasons. This is the other reason he seeks monster opponents more often than human ones.

Motivations: Aedan's primary motivation is to gain more control of his powers. He hates being a walking threat, ready to explode at any moment. His life was ruined by the failed experiments, and he would rather be able to have friends and do good. He became a hero to gain control of his powers, and hopefully help others while doing it. His powers come from his mind, therefore they are his to conquer. The only way to do this is to constantly use them, and the best way to do that is to fight with them. While he does not consider himself a true hero, it is something he wishes he could become. He considers himself more of an anti-hero, as he can cause too much collateral damage if he is not too careful. As such, he trains with them constantly and is willing to take on tasks even too dangerous for his rank just to use his powers to their full extent. He does not wish to become the strongest hero, or the best. He just wants to control his powers so he can feel human again, and make something of his life.


  • Losing Control: He is in constant fear of popping, and his powers exploding and killing others. This is where most of his caution comes from, putting a damper on his personality at times.
  • Large Bodies of Water: While a sink or the bath does not scare him, things like the ocean or a lake would. This stems from being kept in a deprivation tank during his experiments, feelings as if he was in an abyss of water. If his life were in danger he would overcome it, but it would take a serious reason for him to enter a body of water any larger than a pool. Even in pools, he is a bit antsy.
  • Snakes: This is not a fear, but more of a disgust. After being bitten as a child, he has developed a distaste for snakes. The sliminess and scales are not things he is fond of. If he were to cross a snake-like monster, it would receive a harsher punishment than normal.

General Appearance

Height: 6'0 or 182 cm
Weight: 190 lbs or 86 kg
Body Build: Lean Muscular
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair Color: Red (Crimson)
Eye Color: Yellow
Demeanor/Clothing: Carrying himself in a leisurely manner, Aedan keep his head back to look at the sky often. With a cigarette in his mouth and his hands in his pockets, he walks calmly. He tends to wear a white tank top with a black fur coat over it, and jeans to match. Keeping his crimson hair combed back, he occasionally wears a necklace or two. His sneakers are generally black, the kind for running. He does not have a hero outfit yet, but if it were to be one, it would be a very long red coat with black trim. This coat would go to his ankles, and he would wear gloves to go along with it.

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