Aedan's History

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Aedan's History

Post by The Fire King on Sat Jan 02, 2016 4:25 am

(Rough Draft. Will probably edit after a few rp's)

Early Life:
Aedan was born to two parents he would not come to know for very long. Fura and Roku Kasai were two average people living in Q-City. Roku was a simple lawyer, but he was good at his work. His mother worked in a simple clothing shop, but was only part time to ensure the safety and love her child deserved. The couple definitely loved their child, and this was more than evident. Several problems occurred like any couple, but for the most part they worked through it and stayed loyal to one another. They were not perfect, but they had their love and their child Aedan was happy for the years he spent with them. Of the few memories he has of his parents, his mother's flowing red hair is one of them. He would always play with and pull at it as a child. His strongest memory of his father was the resilience he had, always putting effort into both his job and family. Even with their flaws, they managed to be happy and make a living. At this time monster attacks were not as high, but they were certainly on the rise. Rampaging through the streets, the Hero Association had not even been founded yet. A few years went by, and they managed to luck out in not losing their home or any family members. Unfortunately for the couple, they were living in the city most notorious for monster attacks and mysterious beings being sighted. It is unknown to the pyrokinetic whether or not his parents died during one of these attacks. All he knows is that he was kidnapped at the age of four or five (it was five exactly but he is unaware) and taken to a strange facility.

Experimentation Years:
His earliest memories at the place of his capture, was darkness. His mind was filled with thoughts, but he was unsure of where he was. This was due to the fact that he was put in stasis to be studied. His physiology was average, but he had a high amount of brain activity in several regions uncommon to most humans. It was not impossible, but it was fairly rare. This made him one of few test subjects perfect for testing and experimentation with psychic abilities. The House of Evolution was the place where he resided for many years. The scientist there forced him into tests, modifying his brain waves. All the while, he was taught the things he would need to learn in school. By the age of ten, he had developed slight pyrokinetic abilities, and learned far beyond what he would have normally learned in school. He was not particularly intelligent, but the House would not allow him to be anything but intelligent. Load of information was shoved into him, forced upon his young brain. This caused instability, but it was something that could be overcome. Some of the tests included lighting small objects on fire while chemicals were being shot into his brain, and radiation soaking into it. Normally this would have caused massive damage to his young brain, but the scientists as the House were beyond the level of technology most of the world possessed.

The mental trials were a strain on his brain, but the more physical ones gave him hope. He was forced to train heavily, to become the perfect human. Mind and body tested, he grew to hate the House. His only dreams were of escape, and this fueled his physical and mental training. In his mind, if he were strong enough he could escape his captors and go find his parents. Unfortunately several escape attempts were a failure, as he could not completely control his powers yet. It was not until he was at the age of fourteen that he was allowed to escape the part of the underground base he was being kept in. After years of trial and error, he was expected to be able to control his powers by now. Flames bursting from his body at random times, he was not showing enough signs of progress. As such, he was deemed a failure and to be terminated. Rather than allowing this, he began to thrash and go insane. Flames began to burst from his body, building up until a massive explosion formed. Taking out the entire lab room he was kept in, a hole led into the outside world. Into the woods his legs would take him, running as fast as he could go. Several of the experiments were sent after him to capture the young man. His powers began to run rampant, and eventually he defeated them. Beaten and battered he made his way into Q-City, the city of his birth.

Escaping into the city, he was unsure of where to go and what to do He was well beyond his years in terms of intelligence, but he had no real world experience. He had seen videos and talked to the others that were experimented on, but he had not any friends since Kindergarten. It was a strange world, but he found a public bathroom to clean himself up in, and began the search for his parents. For the most part he was living on the streets, but he managed to scrounge up cash and food for a couple of years until he was able to find work. Keeping a normal job with his powers was too dangerous, he had to pick a line of work in which he could keep others safe. Choosing Mercenary work, he started off small time. Assassinating others was not his forte, even with his rough history he was still somewhat a good person. His choice was to take out groups dealing with drugs and weapon trades, something that could almost be taken as heroic. He did not view himself as a hero in any sense, but it was something he would like to be. This drove him to seek out mercenary work in which he would not endanger the lives of the innocent, but he did need money to live after all. Rather than allowing himself to succumb to the work of a mercenary, he chose to register with the Hero Association to become a professional hero. He still did not have complete control over his powers, but he had enough to fight monsters and still save people. Passing his tests, he as most others would start as a C class hero. His first jobs were rough, but it has proven to be satisfying work. Work that could lead to complete control over his volatile pyrokinesis. To this day he could not find his parents. Throughout his life he had searched, but coming to terms with the fact that they are probably dead is something he has learned to move on from.
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