Drake O'Neil W.I.P [90%]

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Drake O'Neil W.I.P [90%]

Post by Drake O'Neil on Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:00 am

Name: Drake O'Neil

Title or Nickname:

Link to power: Elemantis

Race or Species: Human/Unknown

Position: Hero

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: Jan 1, XXXX

Sexuality: Straight
Drake is a hot blooded teenager who rushes in stratforword which tends to make people think he's either stupid, or insane. Though it's in fact a ruse as he tends to analyze his opponents based on their reactions to his straightforwardness which he uses to adapt to their respective styles.

Drake tends to get annoyed at his own inability to resist answering problems, but not explain how he got the answer.

Drake has a side of himself which only shows in front of georgious women which result in him attempting to flirt with them even if it results in them disliking him or him getting injuries.

Drake is also a sarcastic, and prone to making jokes about his enemies to piss them off.

Likes: wolves, heroes, women, cooking.

Dislikes: His Powers, Monsters, bad food, Pain.

Motivations: Drake's motivation for becoming a hero is primarily that he can try to prevent another from going through the same thing he did.

Fears/Disgusts: Well as opposed to the average person Drake knows what death is like so he doesn't really fear it, but he does fear being alone as when he was impaled through the heart, and dying he was alone.

General Appearance


----Extra Information------

Drake is a character who was developed about 2 years ago for a role play called Elementary knights.

Drake's swordsmanship resembles nightmare from soul Caliber.

Drake has hetromaphyilia where his right eye turned gray permanently while the power is inactive.

Drake's powers are based on Theodore Omni Silverwolf's Mana-Burner, and the reverse engineered power of Drake Code another player of the Elementary Knights, and the inspiration for Drake's Name.

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Re: Drake O'Neil W.I.P [90%]

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