Elemantis WIP [?%]

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Elemantis WIP [?%]

Post by Drake O'Neil on Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:56 am

Ability/Power Name: Elemantis

Element: Energy, Spiritual


The power of Elemantis is a power which takes the form of Drake's right arm, and his right eye the power when activated will augment his physical, and Mental capabilities.

When deactivated the right arm appears like a normal humans, and though this should change his eye back it, but it makes it a grayish silver color.

Elemantis has a passive healing factor which will allow him to heal minor injuries in a matter of minutes, or regenerate lost body part aver the course of a few weeks. Though the regeneration can be forced to be instantaneous in forced, or life threatening by converting it into solid energy.

Elemantis can also be used to manipulate energy through the use of either 3rd Legend, or by firing it off as a technique called Divine Shot.

Active/Inactive comparison
Active power
Running speed: 20 miles per 3 minutes
Strength: able to punch through 1.5 feet of solid metal.
Stamina: able to run 20 miles without feeling tired.

Inactive power
Running speed: 1 mile per 3 minutes.
Strength: able to lift 250 Lbs.
Stamina: average


The weaknesses of this power revolve around his regeneration, the fact that his solid energy limbs can be come damaged easier than normal ones due to not being made of anything except solidified energy. Though they will constantly regenerate.

Another weakness is that his limbs can be dispelled by very strong energy nullification this includes arms, and legs but not anything else.

It should also be noted that limbs he regenerates to solid energy will not possess nerves, but still possesses everything like a normal one.

Current Techniques

Technique Name:Divine Shot
Technique Rank: B
Description: a straight shot of energy in the form of a beam.
Range: 30 meters charged, 10 meters uncharted, 2 Meters Rapid fire.
Duration: 1, 2 rapid fire
Cool down: 6 Charged, 3 uncharged, and rapid fire

Technique Name: divine Blade
Technique Rank: C
Description: By forming the right hand in a karate chop appearance the hand is capable to cutting things like it was a 1,000 degree sword
Range: arms reach
Duration: as long as the hand in in that shape
Cool down: 0

Future Techniques

Technique Name: Surpass
Technique Rank: S
Description: The power forces the users powers to be enhanced 10X for quite some time, but will result in complete exhaustion right afterwards, and potentially landing them into a hospital.
Range: personal
Duration: 12 Posts
Cool down: until mission is finished

Technique Name: F.T.L
Technique Rank: A
Description: after using Surpass Drake can increase his speed to faster than the speed of light.
Range: personal
Duration: 1 post
Cool down: 2 posts
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Re: Elemantis WIP [?%]

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:50 pm

Besides a few things that should be revised in the future, this looks good to me. Approved!

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