Pyrokinesis (Done)

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Pyrokinesis (Done)

Post by The Fire King on Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:53 am

Ability/Power Name: Pyrokinesis
Element: Fire (psychic)
Description: Pyrokinesis is the ability to create and control fire, through the use of the mind. This is a psychic power, but the element actually used within it is that of flames. After massive experimentation on his brain, Aedan developed pyrokinetic abilities during his time as a test subject for the House of Evolution. The base ability for this is that it allows him to set something on fire equal to his rank either by sending a blast of his rank in range and size to light an opponent or living being on fire but if he uses his mind to cause something to spontaneously combust, it can not be his opponent. Rather an object or piece of scenery. This includes cars, floors, and even plants. He can only use one of these per post, meaning he must choose. The advantage to this is that he can set something on fire from a range of his own rank, meaning he could provide a tactical advantage to himself. This can also be used to launch the user from one location to the next, like a type of quick flight.

The second part to this ability is not a passive, but rather than he gains access to an array of techniques. The stronger he grows, the more techniques he will learn, just like any other power. But these techniques can range from sending blasts of flames, to coating his own body in fire, to creating things out of fire. This power provides a lot of versatility that he can take advantage of, being able to create a source of fire and do just about anything with it. Also due to the effects of the testing on his mind and body, like many of the fighters in this world his body is naturally more adept, providing increased speed and strength. (Base stat, just had to explain why he was superhuman)  

Note: These flames are very tough, to the point to where they are physical. Meaning when one is hit by these flames, they are not only burned, but battered. This also means the flames can be used to block physical attacks.

  • His powers are extremely volatile, and every time he uses a technique it takes a strain on his brain. With time he can learn to control this, but early on it will cause him to become slightly over aggressive and unstable when fighting.
  • At his current rank, one out of every three blasts of fire he launches will cause him to take minor damage from his own attack, and it will be 50% larger than normal, meaning he could cause harm to those around him quite easily.
  • Seeing as these flames are tough and physical, the user sacrifices being a heavy physical stat user to keep his flames strong. Meaning he will never have massive physical stats, he will have to focus on his power.

Technique Name: Blaze Gauntlets
Technique Rank: C
Description: Both of Aedan's fists and half of his forearms will burst into flames, they do not harm him but he can use them to attack his opponents. These flames will give minor burns to his target with each hit. They are a bright red, but cause no damage unless he touches his target. They last the entirety of the duration, and then go on cooldown. They are a gorgeous crimson red, unlike most flames.
Range: Contact
Duration: 3 posts (Going for higher duration since it has no range)
Cooldown: 4 posts

Technique Name: Hellfire
Technique Rank: C
Description: Aedan summons a crimson red ball of fire in his hand, and from it he fires a thick blast of flames. This can be initiated just by holding his hand out, or he can draw it back and blast it. His hand can either be closed or open, as if the flames are being summoned and compelled by his own attack. These flames are 10 meters long and 3 meters wide. They are not yet powerful flames, but due to their increased cooldown they are large.
Range: 10 meters
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 2 posts (increased CD for max range)

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Re: Pyrokinesis (Done)

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:04 pm


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