Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:58 pm

Version One- General Rules

1: Respect other players no matter if they are Admins, Moderators, Members or Guests. Friendly competition is always welcome, however this does not mean that you can harass people who are of another rank, alignment, etc.

2: Avoid heavily opinionated debates such as Religion, Politics, The "best" show, Etc. These tend to cause unnecessary drama and generally end badly.

3: Rating - Swearing is allowed but please do not use and racial slurs. Chatbox Moderators may have their own rules that they enforce in the chatbox however they cannot ban you from the chatbox without warning. Blood/Gore/Violence Has no limit, but please warn people or put gore images in spoilers if they may be disturbing to some viewers. If in doubt, ask a moderator or an admin. You may also want to put a warning at the beginning of your post if you are going to use any adult themes during a thread.

4- Bugs, glitches, cheating, or any other exploits are prohibited. If you find something that you believe would be classified under any of these then please report it to a moderator or an admin. If you find some sort of loophole and accidentally put it in something then as long as you don't use it when you know that it's prohibited, then you will not be punished.

5- Bullying, harassing, trolling, or just being an all around jerk is prohibited on all parts of the site. If you see any of this please report it immediately by sending a private message to either this account, or any of the other admins or moderators.

6- No killing or disabling other characters without the player's permission. This goes without saying, but please do not randomly kill another player's character and expect them to be okay with that. When a person other than a monster dies, they die. Period. There are ways that you can bring your characters back in the event of you no longer wishing for the death of your character, but please don't be reckless with the lives of your characters.

7- God-modding, meta-gaming or similar will be punished severely. Depending on the infraction, the moderator may give you varying punishments.

8- No one has the right to pressure you into doing something you don't want to do. If you ever feel like someone is trying to get you to do something like killing your character, buying their items, etc, then please report it to staff immediately.

9- This is version one, more rules will be added


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