Droid 1 - Done

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Droid 1 - Done

Post by Nettai on Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:30 am

Name: Nettai

Title or Nickname: Droid-1

Link to power:

Race or Species: Robot

Position: Hero

Gender: Male

Age: 18


Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Nettai is a very complex character primarily due to him being one of the first A.I. to roam the earth semi-freely. Nettai is 18 years old but has the knowledge of a wise old man since he instantly intakes new concepts. In combat Nettai plays every move constantly planning the next attack, he's able to take on many different tasks at once with ease. Nettai's master always believed he was loyal for the time he was under his control, and Nettai plans to continue staying loyal to a noble cause.

Nettai will never take an illogical move during battle, ordered by someone he doesn't have the highest respect for, because in his mind he is of the highest intelligence and though he will not say it out of respect he believes there is no way one could out-smart him in anything.  Nettai tends to take the lead in combat, specifically in groups, and expects others to follow and trust his decisions.

Nettai outside of combat tends to go on rants with those closest to him, typically on new discoveries and things he has discovered that typically is had for the average human to understand. However, around the average person he acts based on his enviroment and attempts his best to fit in and avoid conflict. Nettai never thinks of himself as something less because he is a robot however often he is singled out for it, but he usually doesn't make a big deal about it. Nettai's voice is similar to that of a grown man, deep, but it does have a hint of static almost as if he was talking through a walkie-talkie. Overall Nettai at first look would appear to be an average person but deeper down he is a very advanced and strong robot who is constantly discovering new and mind breaking concepts.

Being Treated Normally - One huge part of Nettai's life is just trying to fit in to the world he was placed into which can often be hard.

Talking With Intellectuals - Very rarely is Nettai lucky enough to find a living organism able to have a conversation about theories, but occasionally he takes advantage of the worlds smartest spending hours at a time collaborating.

Noble Causes - Since Nettai is so superior there is nothing more he wants than a noble cause to help in attempts to put his abilities to use.

Drama - Nettai hates hearing about drama but more so being in the middle of drama and often ignores it.

Corrupted and The Simple Minded - Those who follow people blindly will experience Nettai's philosophys

Motivations: Nettai's master once said that though he, the master, is crippled he can walk in the legs of creation and live on through him, and therefore Nettai has a large focus on living a meaningful life to continue his masters legacy.

Unknown - Nettai looks to the unknown as death and a plague that corrupts the world, and often finds it hard to even truly spend time thinking about the unknown.

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Re: Droid 1 - Done

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:44 pm

Everything looks in order. Approved.

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