Patrick Bushido

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Patrick Bushido

Post by Nazkan on Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:05 am

Name: Patrick Bushido


Link to power: Wafflehands

Race or Species: Human. Technically cyborg?

Position: Monster

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Birthday: August 21

Personality: Wafflehands is a man on a mission. A mission to eat as many waffles as possible. To this degree, no price or crime is too steep. He’ll do anything if there’s the promise of waffles at the end of it. He usually abhors violence, but if he’s attacked or if someone is standing between him and waffle ingredients, he has no objections to removing them from his presence. He tends to ham things up whenever he gets the chance and loves it when people humour him and go along with it.

Wafflehands also has a large ego and possess a need to prove himself. His ego stems from his new found monster strength that allows him to nearly lift an entire car, or maybe at least a bicycle. He can't stand it when people think they're better than him, or don't believe him when he's telling the truth. He tends to respond aggressively when he feels that he's been slighted. Other than this, he's a gentle person who'd rather spend the day at home than outside.

Despite his status as a monster, Wafflehands is quite hearty and boisterous. He's determined with a capital D and has a very one track mind. He likes having a good time and meeting new people, although he’s a terrible conversationalist; mostly because he always brings the conversation back to waffles or shooting off awful jokes. He’s slow to anger and takes very little personally. The only thing that really ticks him off his people who don’t like waffles or try to argue against their godly flavour.

To put it simply, Wafflehands is a gentle giant obsessed with waffles.

Likes: Waffles: They’re pretty much the perfect food. You can eat them anywhere, anytime, for any occasion. And they’re so easy to make.

Competition: Wafflehands needs to prove that he’s the best at whatever he does, and can never resist a challenge. Especially a food based challenge.

Generosity: Wafflehands likes it when people give him free things, and is always happy to share his waffles with anyone who asks. It would be rude to deny someone the deliciousness that is waffles.

Dislikes: Pancakes: The poor man’s waffles.

Serious people: Life’s too short to waste time taking everything personally. Just eat a waffle and slow down once in a while, everything will work out for the best.

Motivations: Ever since Patrick was young, he had a single goal in life. To win the local waffle eating competition. After years and years of training his body and stomach for the event, Patrick entered the contest with high hopes. Hopes that were quickly dashed. A sudden stomach ache struck him when he was one waffle away from finishing, causing his victory to be swiftly snatched away. Overcome with rage, Patrick returned home and cooked up as many waffles as he could, eating them just as quickly. When he ran out of waffle ingredients, he hurried to the store to buy more. This continued until he was broke, but still he needed more waffles. He needed to prove himself. Eventually, his great love of waffles transformed his body into one more suited for his lifestyle, and now he lives to rob convenience stores for waffle ingredients.

Fears/Disgusts: Jail: They don’t serve waffles in jail, so Wafflehands always does the best he can to escape and return to a free, wafflely existence.

Breaking his hands: He isn’t exactly sure what will happen if he breaks his WAFFLE IRON HANDS, but he doesn’t know how to repair a waffle iron and doesn’t want to learn how. Plus, he can’t exactly hold tools anymore.

General Appearance Wafflehands has the appearance of a very muscular, bald man with a well-defined jawline and no ears. He stands taller than the average man by nearly a foot and is as wide as two men. His body is lined with ridges that run horizontally and vertically across his entire body, leaving tiny squares all over himself. He wears nothing but a pair of yellow underwear that blends into the natural yellow of his skin. The waffle irons on the end of his WAFFLE IRON HANDS are silver and rounded, and contain the word Warring on the front.

Rank: Wolf level Monster

(Yea, I'm sure this joke won't wear out quickly.

Actually, this is pretty much done. I just don't know how to link to his power, sorry.)

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Re: Patrick Bushido

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 18, 2016 8:42 am

Wow. Well, welcome! Looks like you're our first monster! Go ahead and shoot me a message if you want to unlock this to change anything. Approved!

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