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Character/Rank Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:59 pm

Character Rules

Creation Rules:

  • No God Characters. For comedic purposes your characters can technically be gods, but they cannot be godly. Everyone starts as C rank unless an event or the owner states otherwise.
  • Minimize canon elements. Don't copy too much from the canon story, as this is technically a non canon site with certain canon elements added to it.

Alternate Accounts: (Alts)
The limit to the amount of characters that one user can have is two, but exceptions can be made for very active users. See this thread for more info.


  • Wolf: Appearance of a being or a group, that might pose a threat (Optional rank)
  • Tiger: A threat endangering the lives of a great number of people
  • Demon: A threat endangering a whole city or its facilities
  • Dragon: A threat endangering multiple cities
  • God: A threat endangering the survival of humanity in general


  • C-Class: You are a beginner, probably with little to no powers. You are above the average human for sure, but taking on big monsters is unlikely for you.
  • B-Class: You are moving up in the world, acquiring some power or gear that makes you somewhat of a threat to both monsters and villains alike.
  • A-Class: You are big stuff now, able to take on many fighters and monsters. The association or villain group values you highly.
  • S-Class: You are the best of the best. You are only called in when needed, likely to save a city or multiple cities. Your power or gear is well beyond the capabilities of our world.

Positions: As stated above for heroes and villains, there is a ranking system. To rank up, you must achieve the number 1 position in your rank class. To do this you must reach a certain amount of exp to be in this spot. We realize multiple people will achieve this amount, so at that point it will be who has more exp, or you will challenge the person for the spot. When you are at the top spot, you can choose to remain at that spot or rank up. We also realize that making ranking up optional, some people may sit on that spot for a long time. This is why we allow you to challenge the top person for their spot. If you beat them, you may take their spot and be eligible to rank up. Any time a person leaves the site or goes inactive, positions may change. We will keep constant track of this, and if you have nay inquiries just let us know.


Ways to gain experience/Rank up:

  • Through missions. This is the most common way, and these missions are either given out by the Hero Association or some other IC figured depending on if you are a hero or villain.
  • Through events. These will not be entirely uncommon, but they will provide many rewards such as exp and money.
  • For monsters, taking out heroes/villains is a way to gain experience. This is dependent on the rank of the hero, but it is the equivalent of two missions of the rank of the hero/villain you killed. Monsters will also be given event and mini event opportunities as a way to gain experience. As such, missions for them will be less and a bit unique.

    Heroes: Must perform missions and climb through the ranks to rank up. Very competitive, seeing as they will be the most populated group.
    Villains: Must perform villainous missions to rank up, but they dont need to climb through ranks they just need to hit the same exp a rank 1 of each rank Hero would need.
    Monsters: Primarily must kill; heroes and villains. Some missions will pop up.
    Civilians: If they wish to become strong for no apparent reason, they must rank up the same way as villains.
    Unregistered heroes: While these may not occur very often, they will be able to take what we call Mercenary missions. These missions are essentially neutral, for anyone to take.
    Mercenaries: Same as above.

Minimum experience needed per rank to be number 1 spot as a hero, or rank up as a monster:

  • C-Class/Tiger:
  • B-Class/Demon:
  • A-Class.Dragon:
  • S-Class/God:


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