Jane Firrion (The NOT evil insurance lady.)

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Jane Firrion (The NOT evil insurance lady.)

Post by Jane Firrion on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:50 pm

Race or Species: Catwoman/Neko

Position: Civillian

Gender: Female

Age: 30 years of age.

Birthday: 05/13 (mm/dd)

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Personality: Jane herself is a sardonic, highly sarcastic and rude woman who would sooner see you dead and paying her money than actually caring if you died. It is due to this reason that while she runs the largest insurance agency in the cities she is also the one person you do not want to meet. Her ability to care for others is deeply rooted in her amount of caffeine and special lollipops she has had that day as in the beginning of the day her workers know to stay away lest they get fired. The only person Jane has ever remotely had any shred of emotion towards is her longtime partner and bodyguard Billy. Due to this fact he is one of the few people who are able to calm her down in the midst of her rants and anger while also keeping her focused on making sure that their money is brought in.

While in combat as an ex-monster she is more skilled in combat being highly agile and balanced along with speeds unlike a regular humans. Yet her actual combat skills are something left to be desired as she has no special moves or even weapons mainly relying on her speed and Billy himself to do the fighting. It is also this fact that without Billy she is mainly a very fast sitting duck.


~ Billy: Her first real interaction with a person that did not want to kill her and business partner.

~ Coffee: Take it from her and she will personally murder you and your entire family.

~ Special Lollipops: She has specialized lollipops shipped to her from other monsters that are like catnip to her race.


~ Cats: They are like simple versions of her race only stupider.

~ Conflict: Get in, Get it done, No more problems that is the only way she likes things.

~ New monsters or Heros: She has to make new insurance for people to buy and that pisses her off.


~ Prove not all monsters are bad: As someone who used to be a monster she would like to prove not all of them are bad.

~ Make tons of money: Pretty self explanatory as the largest insurance company in the cities she tends to do hostile takeovers on rival businesses.

~ Die in peace: She would prefer to have lived a happy life than to die to a hero who is overzealous.


~ Dogs: They disgust her massively and used to interact with dog people that made her want to blow her brains out.

~ Lack of Coffee: If she runs out she is disgusted with life and fears running out to the point of having around 20 cans ready at all times to make more coffee.

~ Water: Unless it is for cleaning purposes that crap can leave her alone.

General Appearance


Billy Mayes:

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Jane Firrion

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Re: Jane Firrion (The NOT evil insurance lady.)

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:18 pm

Cool, I'll lock this thread. Message me to unlock it.

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