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Exp/Strength Rules wip

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:11 am

Experience And Strength Rules

Exp on OPM-RP works in a very unique way. First, you pick whether your Exp is going to be improving your mental/power capabilities, or your raw physical strength/endurance. When you decide this, remember that your exp will only improve your physical or power capabilities. Exp is valued as follows:
10 Exp would then be 10% of strength of a human.
100 exp is roughly the strength of an average human.  
1000 Exp would be the strength of ten humans.

If you select physical strength, every Exp will equal about 1-1.5 pounds. Or one human being able to lift about 100-150 pounds.
When selecting mental/power capabilities. The strength of your powers increase. Every 100 would equal roughly one human's mental capabilities. Mental capabilities can be whatever fits your character best, resistance to telepathy, ability to control your powers, reaction time, etc.

Changing your EXP type is strictly forbidden

Exp Gains

Exp from missions differs however usually these are the rough examples of missions and how much they would give you-

C-Class (Saving a cat from a tree, rescuing someone from a petty thief. Being a petty thief.) This would award between 10-50 exp.

B-Class (Fighting minor villains, Robbing banks, Destroying buildings, Fighting large monsters) Awards anywhere between 50-500 exp.

A-Class (Fighting massive monsters, Defeating major super villains, Attacking a city, Defending a city) Awards Between 250-1000 Exp.

S-Class (Killing monsters that threaten multiple cities. Destroying an entire city. Defeating a super villain with intent to destroy the world.) Can differ massively- Awards between 500-5000 exp.

SS-Class (Killing a threat that can destroy the world. Attacking multiple S-class heroes or fighting multiple S class villains. A war between several S class characters.) Almost always requires more than one character. 5000-10000 Exp reward, Split up between all characters in a group. In groups, the total Exp that is won is divided between all members. Members can chose to give more to one or another.

Events/God level threats. (5-15 people army of S+ class characters, Planetary/Multi planetary level enemies, Armies of 100's of A class enemies.) Can award Hugely varying levels of exp. The amount of Exp Being rewarded is always specified at the beginning of an event. Events and God level threats give the most Exp out of anything.


Training can be a very valuable way of gaining Exp. This will be fully implemented in the future .


More about the arena can be found in the Arena Rules However Experienced gained from fighting is as follows. Defeating a player that is the same class as you will gain the minimum predicted exp gain from your class's missions. For example, if a B-class player defeats another B-class player in combat, they will gain 50 experience, a moderator may decide to give more for whatever reason they specify. When fighting monsters, the same rules apply. Please note that a fight has to be confirmed by a moderator or an admin in order to be claimed valid. Players cannot "farm" players of a lower class for experience. You may fight them, however if a stronger player defeats you and you feel as though you were cheated in any way or didn't really want to fight, then you may notify an admin or moderator. If a character of a lower class defeats a character of a higher class, then they will gain the lowest exp level for the class that they defeated (If a B-class defeats an A class, the B class will gain 250 Exp). If a moderator decides that a fight is non-valid, no experience will be given. A moderator may also decide to give varying amounts of experience if they so chose. Some reasons a moderator may decide to make a fight non-valid include: Bullying a weaker player, Godmodding, cheating or using unfair tactics, having an extremely short battle, having more than one of a single user's player in a single battle.


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