Golden Terror Suit (Complete!)

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Golden Terror Suit (Complete!)

Post by Gilded Skull on Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:45 am

Ability/Power Name:
Golden Terror Suit

Power Class: C-S


Gilded Skull's power comes from the body suit that has become his outer body. Despite it's appearance, it isn't actually made of gold. Rather, it is a highly sophisticated exoskeleton made of advanced metal alloys that give it the appearance of being gilded. The suit grants Skull super strength, highly enhanced speed and agility, and the ability to fire beams of energy out of his helmet's eye sockets. Unbeknownst to him, the suit also responds to negative emotional stimuli, granting him more power as he gives in to his dark side and becomes more evil (represented by him gaining EXP and levelling up.) The suit also has a nanotech regeneration system for repairing general wear and tear or battle damage, although it acts far too slowly to be useful in the middle of combat.


Despite it's appearance, the alloys that make up Skull's suit are actually ferrous, and thus susceptible to magnetic forces. If the magnetic force is greater than his strength to resist it, he will be immobilized and completely at the will of the force.

Due to Skull continuing to harbor thoughts of a normal life and largely resisting the violent urges the suit sometimes gives him, he isn't entirely in control of it's powers. Swatting a fly becomes a bifurcated table. A heated glare becomes a ray of energy. An annoyed shove becomes a defenestration. He only has some modicum of control when he commits to entering a combat situation in earnest. Even then, he cannot use the suit's true potential until he gives in to his dark side (portrayed by him levelling up.)

Most normal people cannot stand to look at Gilded Skull. Perhaps it's some sort of mechanism of the suit, a built in function to put onlookers at unease. Then again, a man with a skull for a face is never a pretty sight. In any case, nearly all civilians who catch a glimpse of him become startled, and may be provoked unintentionally to act negatively towards him. Heroes aren't affected as much, although they would still probably consider him a threat on first meeting him. Skull laments this, as it has constantly derailed several of his attempts to go into most cities.


Technique Name: Glaring Rage
Technique Rank: C-S
[Rank C] Skull lashes out in anger. The suit responds to his negative emotions and briefly releases the restraints on his powers, releasing a burst of energy. Anything within range risks being burnt, and will be pushed back by a shockwave if it lacks the strength or proper anchoring to resist it.

[Rank B] Skull is ready to end things. The suit responds to his emotions and releases the restraints further, causing an even larger and more intense blast of energy. Anything within the now increased range risks severe burns and minor bruising from the resulting shockwave.

[Rank A] Skull would really like to see his opponent dead. In response to this killing intent, the suit opens up. The resultant blast threatens his foes with extreme external damage and broken bones from the shockwave if the enemy is unprepared to block or evade the attack. Buildings may suffer minor structural damage and broken windows if improperly reinforced. The range increases.

[Rank S] Skull wants to wreak as much havoc as he possibly can. Now that he has given into his fate as a monstrous villain, the suit briefly opens it's full power to him. The blast that follows causes massive damage to anything within range, felling buildings and possibly disintegrating opponents who are too weak to withstand it and too slow to escape.

Range: C: 5 yd, B: 10 yd, A: 50 yd, S: 100 yd
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: C: 2 posts, B: 3 posts, A: 4 posts, S: 6 posts

Technique Name: Blazing Gaze
Technique Rank: B, A
[Rank B] In a combat situation, Skull releases a beam of golden energy from his eyes. The beam causes an explosion at the point of impact. May only focus on one location.

[Rank A] Intent on causing destruction and killing someone, Skull releases a much more powerful beam from his eyes.

Range: B: Beam range 50 yds - Explosion range 5 yds, A: Beam range 100 yds - Explosion range 10 yds
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: B: 2 posts, A: 4 posts

(Also, a note. It appears that some exp rules and such are in the works. I assume that I will have to rework this in the future to fit into the purview of the system.)
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Re: Golden Terror Suit (Complete!)

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:11 pm

This looks great to me. I'll go ahead and tell you if you need to revise any parts of this in accordance to the exp rules. Other than that, You're approved! Message me if you want this unlocked to make changes.

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