Ketchup Or Catsup? (Open)

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Ketchup Or Catsup? (Open)

Post by Grapple Jaguar on Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:55 am

"Uuuhh.... H-How long has he been standing there?" A simple grocery manager asked his humble employee as they hide behind a display away from their subject in question, Renzo. The sight of a suited jaguar man staring intensely at a bottle of ketchup and catsup would be a rather strange sight to the average shopper, especially ones that don't frequent the association's website, but this was only a minor concern. The real concern was the fact that Renzo had been standing there, staring at tomato-based table sauces for the past forty-two minutes!

It's not like it was Renzo's fault, he was at an impasse here! He was stuck in the eternal battle between whether he should get typical ketchup or try out a new thing like catsup? Some would say ask if it really mattered, but for Renzo... IT MATTERED. Plus there was a buy one get one free sale going on but he couldn't convince himself to get four bottles, that's just too much tomato.

"S-Should we say something? I mean he's been standing there for almost an hour." The humble store employee asked as they peeked around the corner of their hiding place. The manager shrugged as he wiped the sweat from his brow. "I dunno... I don't want to upset a monster and have them wreck up the place. We should just wait and hope a hero comes by." The middle-aged man nervously replied. "I don't know... I mean he's wearing a black suit, wasn't there a group of heroes that wear black suits?" The young store clerk replied, while Renzo's ear twitched in response. It's not like he couldn't hear them talking, they weren't exactly ninjas. It's this kind of stuff he's been trying to prevent but he didn't exactly have a shining reputation and the one he did have, resulted in people confusing him for a member of a B-class group of heroes solely because of his choice of attire.... Like every hero that wears a black suit is part of that group.  

Eh, whatever, he knew it was going to be a long road before people finally saw him for who he is and not his appearance, but while he had their attention. "Hey, you two." The jaguar suddenly spoke as the two store works jumped at attention.


The nervous pair answered in unison, awaiting whatever the jaguar man nearby wanted. ".... Which do you think would be better on a budget? Ketchup or Catsup?"
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