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Mission Template

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:55 pm

Here is the template for any members who wish to make a mission. All missions must be approved by a moderator or admin.

[center][size=18][b](Name Goes Here)[/b][/size]

[b]Class/Rank:[/b] (Rank required to do the mission)

[b]Reward:[/b] (Exp gained and Money. Items and special rewards are accepted)

[b]Requirements:[/b] (Besides rank obviously. Does the user have to kill someone? Is there a time limit? Does the user have to be a male? Minimum and Max number of people? etc)

[b]Location:[/b]  (Please include the location that this mission takes place in. New areas can be created on request.)

[b]Brief description:[/b] (please enter a very brief description of what the mission entails. One paragraph at the most.)

[spoiler="Enemies"](Please put any enemies that the player can encounter here)[/spoiler]

[b]Full Description:[/b] (Please enter a detailed description of what the job is, what is required, how it should be done, backstory and any other details you may want to add)

[size=16][b]Creator:[/b] (Please put your name to show who made the job)[/size][/center]

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