Amish Cat [WIP]

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Amish Cat [WIP]

Post by Amish Cat on Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:48 pm

Name: Mary Schwartz

Title or Nickname: Amish Cat

Link to power: N/A

Race or Species: Cat Person

Position: Monster

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-One

Birthday: 12 March

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: WIP


  • Nepeta Cataria; Nepeta cataria, better known as catnip, is something Mary had the good fortune to smoke once. She ended up blacking out in B-City and came forth in the middle of a fist fight in H-City. Overall, not bad.
  • Milk; It tastes like the blood of angels.
  • Petting; It's like being felt up by angels.
  • Yarn; It's like a video game but not quite.


  • Mennonites; They're Amish posers.
  • Veterinarians; Mary has a vendetta against veterinarians after being spayed and wouldn't go to one if she was on her deathbed.
  • Pet Shops; "Let my people go!"
  • Furries; They give her a weird vibe, and she gives them good vibes.

Motivations: (Anything that pushes or motivates your character, did your character have parents who were killed by a hero? Do you have someone who you love that you’re trying to protect?)


  • Animal Control; This modern day Gestapo has committed countless offenses against Mary, including kidnapping!
  • Dogs; They should be put in camps.
  • Baths; Took bath; almost drowned.
  • Collars; Satan's choker.

General Appearance: WIP

Rank: Wolf
Amish Cat

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