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Weapon Name:

Intetsu takes the form of a black katana.  The blade length is about 2 feet 4 inches, while the handle is about 1 foot long, and does possess a rectangular guard, combining it for a full length of 3 feet and 4 inches.  On its own, Intetsu doesn't really have any special characteristics, other than the fact it looks pretty cool and doesn't seem to break.

- It is a sword, and it doesn't have the longest reach in history.  Needless to say, it's a melee weapon, meaning that long to mid-ranged fighters tend to have an advantage.
- Most of Ayeseru's techniques and abilities heavily rely on this katana.  Without it, while he still can fight, it will be nowhere near as effective as they would be with it.
- While it is a magical sword, it doesn't really have any special properties to it, other than the fact it doesn't seem to break.
- The sword develops with the user.  Ayeseru being extremely weak as it currently stands, Intetsu is in its weakest stage, providing little assistance to him.

Special Abilities:
Intetsu doesn't seem to break.


Limit Release:

Technique Name:
Limit Release
Technique Rank:
A very simple, yet powerful and core ability to Ayeseru that Intetsu provides; one of his strongest techniques no matter what stage of power he may be in.  It temporarily removes Ayeseru of all physical limits, allowing him to gain tremendous power, yet he may only maintain it for a short amount of time.  At his current stage of power, however, he can only use it once per battle, its duration is fairly short, and he will be fairly tired after using it.
None/Self Supplement
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Re: Intetsu

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:52 am

Looks solid. Message me for any changes you need to make. Approved!

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