Power rules (superpowers etc)

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Power rules (superpowers etc)

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 05, 2015 3:00 pm

Power Rules:

Important info:

  • Your powers cannot be godlike, but they can be just about anything other than just killing things.
  • You can have technology or a weapon in place of a power, just make sure to register the item that is key to using this. Your techniques will be add-ons to this.
  • Your power may have multiple components to it, but you cannot have multiple powers.

Power/Technique Template: Go to this thread

Power Rules: Your main power may have one passive starting off, this is a passive that is considered the base power. You will gain one passive each time you rank up, but it must be the same power. This is to prevent stacking powers. If you wish to do an element per rank, it must make sense. Like control over the four elements. These passives will be graded with their potential in mind, and will get stronger as you rank up.

Passive Examples:

  • C-Class: In terms of an element, you can light objects on fire or coat your fist in an element. In terms of physical you could punch through a wall or bend steel to an extent. Your gear is likely a sword that can cut through steel or a small grenade.
  • B-Class: In terms of elemental, you can do a bit more now. You can affect small streets with your attacks, throw cars even with physical powers. Your gear can blast through walls and tiny buildings but nothing too major.
  • A-Class: Elementally you can affect large buildings. Physically you could throw an entire bus, and punch it to pieces. Bashing through walls and obliterating things is a sinch. You're moving at high speeds, faster than cars.
  • S-Class: Elementally you are taking out city blocks with ease. Physically you can obliterate buildings. Speed wise your movement is hard to see.

Technique Rules: You get a certain amount of techniques, depending on your rank. They are more powerful than your passives, seeing as you can only use them a certain number of times, but they must fit the same type as your power. If you are a character who uses gear, then the same limitation apply to the amount of gear you have. If you are a character who only uses one item to channel their attacks, then you can use these techniques as different attacks or projectiles. These techniques scale with your rank in power.

  • C-Class: 2 techniques.
  • B-Class: 3 techniques.
  • A-Class: 4 techniques.
  • S-Class: 5 techniques.

Technique Guide:

Cooldown: Must be one post higher than the duration of the technique.

C: 1-2 posts
B: 3-4 posts
A: 4-5 posts
S: 6 posts

C: 5-10 meters
B: 15-25 meters
A: 30-40 meters
S: 45-60 meters

Note: If you have ample weaknesses, you may take a range or duration on the higher end. This is to provide some diversity to the techniques and powers.

C: 100% buff to stat
B: 200% buff to stat
A: 400% buff to stat
S: 600% buff to stat
(These may be subject to change as we edit the power system, but it's a starting baseline for now)

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